20 mistakes you make when you make coffee

Millions of people around the world make coffee every day. It is difficult to conceive how many liters of this beverage a person consumes in their lifetime. And although many are confident in their abilities to make a cup of great coffee, it turns out that most of us make many typical mistakes.

Sometimes these mistakes radically change the taste of coffee, not allowing you to enjoy its genuine taste and aroma. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize they are making these mistakes. Therefore, before you brew another cup, please take a couple of minutes to study our list of 20 typical mistakes when making coffee. If only to make sure that you are doing everything right.

If you realize that some of these mistakes are characteristic of you, it’s time to correct the situation. And then your friends and household will be delighted with the coffee you have prepared; it is vital to admit your mistakes and try not to repeat them in the future. If you succeed, every morning in your home will begin with excellent coffee and a fantastic mood.

1. Stale coffee.

What could be worse than coffee made a few hours ago? Only coffee from old beans with expired shelf life. If the coffee beans have too long, the substances that give the prepared drink taste and aroma will evaporate, and the coffee made from them will be tasteless or even bitter.

2. Low-quality coffee beans.

Cheap and high quality are often incompatible concepts, especially concerning coffee. Choose for yourself who to please – your wallet or taste buds. You can be sure: that good quality coffee is worth the money.

3. Incorrect ratio of water and coffee.

Remember how often you measured the required amount of coffee and water “by eye”? Yes, it is not easy to pay attention to such trifles, having just and not without difficulty got out from under the covers. Nevertheless, if you want to start the morning with a chic coffee, it’s worth spending an extra minute to measure both ingredients correctly.

4. The wrong way of making coffee.

Different cooking methods give other quality to the drink. Branded coffee makers seem to be the simplest solution, but this method is not always the best. To improve the taste of coffee, try the practices of “provider” or the French press.

5. You are not buying whole-grain coffee.

At first, glance, buying ground coffee is much more convenient. However, the drink made from it has a less rich taste. The fact is that coffee beans begin to release volatile substances that give the drink flavor directly during grinding. Therefore, coffee connoisseurs should spend money on a good coffee grinder, buy only whole-grain coffee and grind it immediately before brewing.

6. Water at the wrong temperature.

Ideally, the temperature of the water used to make coffee should be in the range of 90-96 ° C. In this case, ground grains thoroughly saturate the water with taste and aroma, making each drink cup unforgettable. If you cannot picture your life without coffee, you should add a thermometer to your collection of kitchen appliances. To reach the desired temperature, you need to boil the water for coffee and then let it stand for a few minutes.

7. Incorrect grain grinding.

To obtain the most flavor from coffee beans, they must grind them properly. The ground should be as uniform as possible. Then hot water will quickly be saturated with the taste and aroma of the coffee, creating a drink worthy of connoisseurs.

8. The grinding is too coarse or satisfactory for your coffee maker.

Different coffee makers require different coarsenesses of ground coffee. Most high-quality coffee grinders allow you to adjust how fine the grinding will be. Find out which grinding best suits your coffee maker and use it.

9. Too old grains.

No matter how much you want, roasted grains are not stored forever. If you know nothing about the age of the grains you use, it is better to throw them away. Always check how fresh your coffee is, focusing on the date of purchase. If possible, pay attention to the roasting date. If the grains are too old, you can’t make good coffee from them.

10. Improper storage of grains.

Not every type of packaging for long-term storage of coffee beans. It is preferable not to be cheap and to choose a coffee container with a tight-fitting lid. It is not necessary to grind the grains in advance. And remember that moisture is one of the main enemies of coffee. Store your supplies in a cool and dry place. Sometimes it is recommended to keep coffee in the refrigerator or freezer. But this method is not suitable for long-term storage since high humidity will inevitably affect the taste characteristics of the product.

11. Unsuitable equipment.

Sometimes the equipment you use to make coffee stops coping with the task. Nothing lasts forever. If you observe a decline in the flavor of your morning beverage despite maintaining the same preparation method, it may be time to consider purchasing a new coffee machine.

12. Frozen grains.

Freezing may be an excellent way to store food, but this method is unsuitable for whole-grain coffee. During the freezing process, the grains lose some of the substances that give the drink everyone’s favorite taste and aroma. You can fully enjoy each cup if you start using suitable methods of grain storage.

13. Your coffee has time to cool down.

The longer a cup of coffee waits in the wings, the more the drink cools down, which brings an unpleasant bitterness to its taste. If you have already brewed a cup of coffee, put everything aside for a few minutes, sit back and enjoy a fragrant drink while it is hot.

14. Wrong cup.

At first glance, it may seem that the choice of a cup is not so important. However, this can also affect the taste of coffee. Plastic dishes are not even worth considering. To recharge your energy to the maximum every morning, always use cups made of high-quality glass explicitly created for coffee.

15. Low-quality additional ingredients.

Always choose high-quality ingredients if you add cream or sugar to your coffee (or both). Do not get too rich in cheap sweeteners and cream substitutes. Most likely, they will mix poorly with coffee and worsen its taste compared to high-quality ingredients.

16. You brew too much coffee at a time.

Many will disagree with the opinion that the best coffee is the one that is brewed one cup at a time. Yes, it will take longer. But you will ensure that every particle of taste and aroma has migrated from the coffee beans to the drink.

17. Tap water.

A coffee maker can utilize water straight from the tap. However, it often contains minerals that can affect the taste of coffee during the cooking process. Utilize purified or filtered water whenever possible.

18. You don’t rinse the filter too thoroughly.

After making coffee, take a minute or two to clean the filter. Remove the remnants of ground coffee, and then rinse the filter thoroughly so that not a single particle of old coffee gets into the next portion of the drink.

19. You don’t clean your coffee maker.

In addition to the filter, all other components of the coffee maker are subject to regular cleaning. Make sure that there is not a single particle of old grinding left that could spoil the taste of the next cup. A clean coffee maker is a key to delicious coffee.

20. You have no idea what you like.

Ignorance of your tastes and preferences can negatively affect the quality of your brewed coffee. The beauty of coffee partly lies in the fact that there is a massive variety of types of this drink. It’s worth working hard and finding a taste that you like. Only then can we expect that every freshly brewed cup of coffee will be magnificent.

Indeed some of the mistakes in this list have surprised you. How many of them do you allow each time? To one’s relief, it is never too late to start doing things the right way and begin delighting in coffee that is both genuinely delectable and expertly produced. You need to recognize your mistakes and make every effort not to repeat them in the future – and then you will undoubtedly become a real expert in coffee preparation.

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