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Is there caffeine in green tea?

Of course, coffee is a delicious drink with an unforgettable bright aroma. But the passion for it should be strictly dosed (no more than 2-3 cups a day). Therefore, lovers of drinking more liquid will be interested in finding an alternative to their favorite drink. And in such a situation, it would be highly reasonable to study the chemical

What are frappe and iced coffee?

The cult of coffee consumption among young people is gaining momentum these days. The audience sees this in Starbucks-level coffee shops, a fashionable place to hang out and demonstrate a certain status. It's amusing to watch young people order coffee without knowing what they are calling. I'll give you an example: once in Coffee Bean, a girl

How much coffee can I drink in a day?

To begin with, a few interesting historical facts: Voltaire drank 50 cups of coffee daily and lived to a respectable age of 83 years. An ardent fan of coffee was Ludwig van Beethoven, who always brewed it from 60 grains. Balzac could not imagine a day without 40 cups of coffee! The fact is that when you get used to the refreshing effect of

Is it possible to drink expired coffee?

We know well that all products should be exclusively fresh, paying close attention to the expiration dates. However, what would you do if you unexpectedly came across a box of your preferred coffee brewing beans in the pantry? Ruthlessly throw away or consume a drink without a shadow of a doubt? In this matter, we will have to deal with you today.

How so many cups of coffee a day is healthy?

Some people drink caffeinated drinks carefully, just half a cup after breakfast, and that's enough; otherwise, it's harmful. Others drink 4-6 cups at work – it's delicious, refreshing, and does not cause discomfort. Where is the truth? How much coffee may be consumed daily without causing harm to one's health? Researchers from Canada conducted

Is it possible to eat coffee beans?

Some people enjoy nibbling coffee beans. And even use them in the preparation of culinary masterpieces. Nevertheless, some of them wonder if it is not dangerous for their health. Is it possible to eat grains, and what effect do they have? We will also tell you about essential nuances – to whom such a "snack" option is helpful and who should not

What can I add to the coffee?

Coffee is a special drink the preparation in the observance of precise technology. Nevertheless, this drink gives true gourmets freedom and allows them to create. In particular, this applies to additives that will make the taste and aroma of your favorite drink more vivid and pleasant. Undoubtedly, the most popular and traditional supplement is

Why is coffee served with water?

When it comes to coffee traditions, many people do not know the answer to quite simple questions. We see how waitpeople bring a coffee drink and water in movies and nearby coffee shops. But only a few can tell about the origins of this tradition. It that this custom first appeared in ancient Greece. Historians claim that it was there that

20 mistakes you make when you make coffee

Millions of people around the world make coffee every day. It is difficult to conceive how many liters of this beverage a person consumes in their lifetime. And although many are confident in their abilities to make a cup of great coffee, it turns out that most of us make many typical mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes radically change the