What is white coffee?

We will give a detailed answer and give examples. And yes, in this article, we will not talk about flat white, a particular brewing method.

Why did white coffee appear?

The specialty coffee industry is in constant motion. Today, the consumer is offered an incredible assortment of coffee from all over the world. And for your product, you must meet the requirements and look for ways to stand out.

Previously, dark roasting was in fashion, then a change came, but gradually people left the “dark side,” preferring “urban roasting” (average). And today, coffee of even lighter roasting, white, has become the main focus. Now the questions are: why is it white (if it has little in common with white), and how to make it?

It’s all about (not) roasting.

To properly understand what white coffee is, you need to understand a little about roasting beans. The roasting of grains into three stages:

1. The first stage is endothermic or drying. During it, the beans dry out.

2. Lifting stage. Here the Maillard reaction occurs. The coffee turns light brown, and many pleasant aromas and smells appear.

3. The stage of development, during which coffee browns even more, a fried smell appears, shades of aromas of chocolate, tobacco, and spices.

Is it delicious?

If you don’t try, you can’t answer this question. You must understand that it cannot and will not taste like coffee because Lightly roasted coffee has a “nutty” taste is the most common characteristic of those who have tried white coffee.

Each person is likely to conclude about the taste and aroma. Try it yourself.

What about bitterness?

Proponents of white coffee compare it to dark roasted beans, which are more bitter. However, medium-roasted beans can be very soft and sweet. There are so many factors involved in this issue that it is difficult to unequivocally assess whether there is more bitterness in white coffee or less.

So what is “white coffee”?

White coffee is a fashion, a brilliant way to boost sales for very smart roasters who know how to think outside the box. How long has it become fashionable, and how long will it last at its peak? Time will show.

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